Gene Kosowan

Gene Kosowan has been an active experimental electronic musician since the 1980s. Under the guise of flEm, he has appeared at a number of venues and events facilitating the avant-garde genre such as The Bronx (now the Starlite Room), City Media Club, The Ambassador, Gazebo Stage (in Old Strathcona's McIntyre Park), Varscona Theatre, Citadel Theatre as well as live performances in Calgary and Regina. Festival appearances include his 1991 Fringe production called "Miseryland" (dubbed "the weirdest show at the festival that year") and at The Works Art and Design Festival in 2003 and 2004.

He also spearheaded a number of improv groups and ventures that include She-Devils on Wheels, b3guil3d, The Worm/Decay Project and MKE. He has also been part of a number of ensembles led by Tippy Agogo, Stephen Humphrey and Trace Willin.

In alternative circles, he has been a keyboardist, guitarist and bassist in such groups as The Beirut 66, The Meech Lake Accordions, The Jaded Virgins and Lurch. His latest band is called The Condoleezza Rice Paddies.